What We Believe

We believe that the state, any state, exists because of Society. It's the society that give the state the mandate to do what it does - whether that state is local or foreign, donor or government. It's the society that determines what the state should and must do. Governing is all about managing societal diversity to ensure not just cohesion but realization of full expectation of whole society with that society. This is not about democracy, its not about elections, this is about a social contract. The legitimacy of the state begins and ends with the society. Any state that ignores this fundamental fact will soon fall apart.

State Engagement

Africa Platform supports active engagement between arms of the state, broader government and Civil Society…..

Donor & International Actors Engagement

ACP works to challenge donor practices and actions of international actors that contribute to weakening democracies or violate the internationally accepted principles of engagement, particularly in conflict affected countries. International actors have in many cases contributed to weakening democracies, flawed policies and development approaches that often exacerbate the challenges of citizens and society………

Society Engagement

In order to effectively act as a Platform through which Society voice is heard, Civil Society must be deeply rooted in Society. AP supports civil society in not only gathering the voices of citizens, but in ensuring that this voice informs the work of Civil Society……..

What We Stand for

The Africa Platform (ACP) is works to support Civil Society across Africa in strengthening and establishing the building blocks for sustained engagement and where needed collaboration between society and governments, with a . We work primarily in conflict affected countries across Africa. As catalysts for change our primary role is three-fold. We act as a bridge at the national level by creating spaces for engagement; we act as a catalyst at regional level by building capacity for engagement; we act as advocates at the Global level by challenging relations or policy positions that are not rooted in society demands...

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What they say about AP

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