In 2013 The Africa Platform made a strategic decision to engage with the leadership of the World Economic Forum, one of the most powerful corporate networks in the world.

Our strategy was and remains two-fold.

Unlike many organizations we do not seek to engage actively in the World Economic Forum Events. Instead we are engaging with the senior leadership within WEF to shape and influence how its members do business, especially in resource rich and yet conflict-ridden  African states. Most of the conflicts are related to how these members do business in these countries.

Our second goal is to influence the decisions made by the World Economic Forum Leadership, especially in regard to the contents of the discussions that take place during the Davos Forum and the World Economic Forum for Africa. In this regard we are championing the creation of the first Africa Civil Society Advisory Team to the World Economic Forum for Africa. The Advisory Team will work to shape how WEF and its members engage in the continent.

But we do not end at engagement with the leadership of WEF. Currently we are working with Agenda Councils within WEF to shape discussions at this level.

The Africa Platform is also a member of the  Global Constituencies’ Forum, an annual Forum that meets to offer advice ahead of Davos.