DSC08917 While many governments are unable to effectively ensure a governance framework rooted in society, international actors have in many cases contributed to weakening democracies, flawed policies and  development approaches that often exacerbate the challenges of citizens and society.

ACP works to challenge donor practices and actions of international actors that contribute to weakening democracies or violate the internationally accepted principles of engagement, particularly in conflict affected countries.

In this area ACP focuses its work on two areas:

1. Working with private sector to encourage positive business practices that promote societal aspirations and does not lead to “Profit-at-all-costs” principles.  This is not about corporate social responsibility. Instead we focus our work on ensuring that businesses do not,as a result of their work, cause more harm through harmful trade practices  or excessive exploitation of society and societal resources.

2. Working with Donors, International Financial Institutions and International Organizations to ensure their work does not cause more harm, and is formed by the demands of society rather than political and economic considerations alone. The principle of informed consent is not just about what donors support, but their own sensitivity to the demands and norms of the society in which they seek to engage.

Our work here is guided by the International Standards for Engagement in Conflict situations, with a strong focus on the Principle of Do no Harm.