Regional Integration-support to East Africa CSOs Forum

The East Africa Civil Society Organizations’ Forum (EASOF) was founded in 2005 in order to provide Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in East Africa with a platform to empower civil society in the region and to be able to foster and articulate the grassroots needs and interests in the East African Community (EAC). EASOF stimulates the initiatives voiced by CSOs and partners with the EAC for the improvement of humanity, social security, and regional integration as well as social and economic development in East Africa. It provides a ‘bridge’ that links civil societies in the region to the EAC and creates a platform where the needs of the people in the region are voiced and tabled. We support EACSOF to advance its agenda of that seeks to ensure that citizens of East Africa are able to be fully engaged and involved in all affairs affecting their lives therefore integration is key.

In 2014, The Africa Platform partnered with the Commonwealth Foundation for a strategy forum that led to the development of six thematic areas of engagement. These have since been built into the Strategy. The Commonwealth continues to suport EACSOF directly while The Africa Platform supports leadership and strategy development processes, especially through its role in the National Chapter (Kenya). In line with our approach, The Africa Platform’s regional work in East Africa is through the regional networks and platforms such as EACSOF.

Over the past two years we have worked with the Commonwealth Foundation to support key aspects, with our support going mainly into ensuring a strong leadership and strategic engagement. This targets the Kenya Chapter as well as support with specific engagements across the Region.