Social Contract

Thew Africa Platform Is Beginning a new initiative on the Social Contract. for our analysis, click here.

State-Society Relations-Special Video Interview

In 2011 The Africa Platform interviewed several government representatives on their perception of Civil Society.

Watch their views and reflections on our Youtube page-

Initiatives-Post 2015 and the Sustainable Development Agenda

For our regular analysis and Reports on the Agenda 2030 for Transformation/ Sustainable Development, go visit our News Link

Responses to Position Papers

ACP Analysis of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Report. From Growth Models to Development Outcomes

A second Look at Poverty: Africa Platform analysis of the High Level Panel Report on Post 2015

Africa Platform Analysis and insights on SDGs and Post 2015

Crossing First Avenue- Proposal for Post 2015 Advocacy beyond UN General Assembly 20131-A ground breaking analysis of the Politics, processes and scenario outcomes of the SDG/Post 2015 Agenda

Women’s status on the global development agenda: The future of the MDG’s post 2015-Report prepared by Africa Platform based on a Gender Forum Dialogue facilitated by Africa Platform

Scoring in the Post 2015 Development Agenda:

What you need to know about the SDG Engagement Options-Summary Report from Africa Platform  Engagement in the  2013 SDG Post 2015 agenda

Other analysis and policy brief featuring Africa Platform Contribution

The Value of a Life: Peace and Human Security in a Post-2015 World-Africa Platform contributed an article to this GCAP Review on the Post 2015 agenda on Peace and Security

Assessing the Sustainable Development Goals Targets-A new tool to aid the design and assessment of sustainable development goals and targets-Developed by Stakeholder Forum with a team of experts including Head of Secretariat for the Africa Platform

Whose Voice Matters in Peace and Stability Discussions at the United Nations- A report based on an Africa Platform Dialogue session with UN staff at the UN Office in Geneva

Advancing Regional Recommendations on the Post-2015 Development Agenda-ACP contributed extensively to this ground breaking Report

Post 2015 — What Comes After the Millennium Development GoalsACP contributed to this article

State Society Relations and Social Contract

Implementing the New Deal for Fragile States July 2014-ACP was part of the team interviewed for this  Report

State Society and Donor Relations

State-Society Relations: The prospects for the New Deal Engagement in addressing an enabling  environment in conflict-affected and fragile states-Produced as part of the Global State of Civil Society Report 2013

Democracy, AID and Disenabling Environment,449.html

Based on cases and discussions in 40 countries in the region, it is the first review of its kind that has gone beyond research studies to present the struggle of CSOs across Africa as they work in often hostile circumstances. Democracy, AID and Disenabling Environment presents a case for donors, governments and CSOs to take this worrying trend into account and consider how to address its causes and implications on development work across Africa.

Toward an Enabling Legal Environment for  Civil Society