Society Engagement

In order to effectively act as a Platform through which Society voice is heard, Civil Society must be deeply rooted in Society.

AP supports civil society in not only gathering the voices of citizens, but in ensuring that this voice informs the work that civil society do.

It is not enough to speak for society. At the centre of societal engagement in the affairs of the government is the need to constantly listen to society voice. This is the heart of state society relations.

How we do it

1. Assessment of the knowledge of the environment

The first stage is a collaborative and participatory process to analyze the environment. The main objectives of this assessment are three-fold. The first is to capture society aspirations and demands from their government, and the second is to evaluate the enabling environment in which these aspirations will be accomplished.  Finally the evaluation seeks seek to understand the capability of  Civil Society to translate and communicate society aspirations to change agents including but not limited to Governments, Private Sector and other actors.

2. Supporting Research and dialogue with society

We support dialogue forums and work to build spaces through which CSOs engage with the society.

These spaces become the source of trust building and gathering of society voices.

Currently ACP is seeking to move further and use technology to help gather societal voices in a safe and secure money, and ensure these voices reach governments.