The Africa Platform (ACP) works to support Civil Society across Africa in strengthening and establishing the building blocks for sustained engagement and where needed collaboration between society and governments. We work primarily in conflict affected countries across Africa.

As catalysts for change our primary role is three-fold: we act as a bridge at the national level by creating spaces for engagement; we act as a catalyst at regional level by building capacity for engagement; we act as advocates at the Global level by challenging relations or policy positions that are not rooted in society demands.

Unlike networks, ACP does not work with some focused group of member organizations. Instead for every state-society initiative we identify the best local champions at the national, regional and global level and provide them with the analysis, tools, training and resources that they need to engage the political actors. In doing this we create and support a high caliber of Platform actors and coalitions through which CSOs work collaboratively or individually to ensure constructive and continuous engagement with governments, donors and international institutions that hold the power to bring about social change.

We seek to ensure Civil Society hold both Donors and Governments to account, and that the legitimacy of both Donors and Governments is rooted in their engagement with citizens.

All this work is done with or through national, regional or global collaborative frameworks with other Civil Society who share the same principles and passion.

We do not work in any thematic area. Instead we work on the broad areas of state legitimacy and collective visioning of the nation, ensuring that a nation’s leadership and development is owned and rooted in the needs and demands of that society.